Susan Hunter

CEO | The STORY MAKER and Susan Hunter Consultancy Limited
Susan Hunter
“Having met Hannah at Ali Brown’s Entrepreneurial Conference and through our subsequent communication, I am truly impressed with the way in which she runs ROI Business Funding with her team. It is inspiring the way in which she plans the business, markets and delivers their offerings with personalized service. The way in which the business has expanded is admirable and I believe that the ROI team will continue to make an impact and help other business owners with their leadership and access to capital to take their clients’ businesses to the next level of excellence.”

Paul Kazanofski

CEO and President, Revision Homes
“ROI Business Funding is an amazing company! The members of the team are intelligent and very excellent at what they do. I highly recommend them for your financing needs.”

Debbie Saviano

Speaker | Design a LINKEDIN Profile that ROCKS! Showcase Skills, Products, Services | LinkedIn Strategist
“Hannah is one of the rare individuals who recognized early on what she wanted to do with her life. Her passion and purpose are one in the same– Helping others. Throughout her career, she has worked in environments conducive to “Making a Difference”. Her Professionalism • Skills & Expertise • Leadership • Commitment and Creativity are all evident in her work at ROI Business Funding. The daily goal of helping small business owners get the financing that is best for their business is taken seriously by the ROI Business Funding team and customers are rewarded with Brilliant Results. Hannah loves people and enjoys serving her clients. I highly recommend Hannah and the ROI team for their commitment and expertise that guarantee the highest of results! Women and other small business owners today are in need of continued support and ROI Business Funding indeed brings the most valuable resources to those who seek financing to grow their business, leverage opportunities, and make a difference.”

Tammy Thrasher Mitchell

Realtor | Investor | Connector | Buy, Grow & Sell Businesses | Off Market Commercial Real Estate
“Hannah is one of the most sincerely passionate people that I have ever come across. She makes is a priority to understand you, your needs and how she can make a difference in your business and/or your life. Nurturing relationships and recognizing opportunities to connect people is a talent that all of her contacts and clients enjoy the benefit of. On top of all that, ROI Business Funding offers amazing products that give business owners the access to working capital they need. It’s an honor and a blessing to know Hannah.”

Amania Drane

Community Leader | Du Page County ACT-SO
“I learned about ROI Business Funding at the Women’s Business Development Center’s Annual Conference. How refreshing! I’ve known the co-founders, Hannah Fernandez and her sister Jasmin Geraldoy Fernandez, for a number of years due to their work in the community and giving back to help others. A few years back I also learned about Hannah launching WOW Memories which is such a wonderful, artful, and creative way of preserving precious memories through photographic wall art. As business owners themselves, with the entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism and commitment for helping others—especially women-owned, veteran-owned and minority-owned businesses, I have no doubt that the ROI Business Funding will be a beacon of light in helping businesses accomplish their dreams via access to working capital.”